Anesthesia (Numbing)

Your comfort is important to us, which is why we take local anesthesia to the next level. Should you undergo a procedure which requires anesthesia, we have several options to make the whole process alot easier. For patients who are nervous about dental work, we offer light oral sedation, which is a simple medication taken prior to your appointment. You’ll feel calm and relaxed, and we’ll have time to work. If you dislike swallowing pills, we also offer nitrous oxide, which is an inhaled gas that provides similar sedation to the pill, but wears off quickly once the gas is turned off.

Prior to local anesthesia, we use a buffering agent, OnSet, to make the absorption of the anesthetic into the tissue more comfortable for our patients. This eliminates the sting of the injection and expedite the time it takes to feel numbness. After your treatment, we can use OraVerse to rapidly diminish the anesthetic effects. This allows you to return to normal activities in about half the time as if you waited for the anesthesia to wear off.

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