To ensure the best dental restorations, we rely on digital scans of your teeth rather than the traditional rubbery impressions. Dr. Chincheck was one of the first offices in the region to use Cadent iTero technology and has expertly used this technology for more than 10 years. She recognizes how it has improved the standard of care for necessary crown and bridge measurements and is happy to offer her patients a more comfortable procedure. Instead of a mouthful of messy putty, the iTero technology uses a handheld wand, in which only the tip touches your teeth. The images create an exact replica of your mouth, guaranteeing the best fit for crowns, bridges and other restorations.

It is especially critical for proper Invisalign measurements ensuring beautiful results.

In addition, all radiographs (x-rays) are digital which not only reduces the radiation dose but makes your x-ray records completely transportable via email. This is especially important when our office needs to communicate about your case with specialists.

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