TMJ Therapy - Lutherville-Timonium, MD

TMJ Timonium, MDWe want to provide relief. Dr. Chincheck’s advanced training allows her to recognize TMJ disorder and provide appropriate therapy to stop the negative effects. She may recommend a bite splint – a hard acrylic oral appliance custom fit to your mouth – which will reduce stress on your joint and reduce muscle tension and pain. You’ll finally feel true comfort, as wearing the splint aligns your jaw to the centric relation position.

Some of our patients experience diminished headaches and relief in just a matter of days after our Lutherville-Timonium TMJ therapy from Dr. Chincheck. Achieve a balance of comfort and functionality. Contact us today for a consultation.

“I’m mildly embarrassed to say, I’m genuinely excited about my new mouthguard. Who knew dental appliances could be such a thrill? My old one was an in-elegant chunk of plastic that kept my mouth open all night and left my jaw sore in the morning. The new one is a work of art.”Ed

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