FirstFit Dental Technology - Minimal Prep Veneers and Bridges

FirstFite Dental Technology for Oral Restorations Have you been avoiding getting restorative dentistry, such as a bridge or crown because you don’t have time to make multiple appointments?

Have you thought about dental veneers, but worried about all the grinding and removal of healthy tooth surface that is involved?

Would you like to replace your missing tooth without doing a dental implant?

We’ve got news for you! 

Dr. Lynn Chincheck is ONE of only four providers in the area that is certified in a new technique called FirstFit Guided Dentistry. In fact, she has been named the Key Opinion Leader for the area. This new system uses digital technology and state-of-the-art equipment to provide you with a minimally invasive alternative to traditional techniques.

How Does It Work?

FirstFit uses CAD/CAM technology to create a digital blueprint of your replacement piece down to the exact measurements, color specifications, and fit that Dr. Chincheck requires to improve your smile. This means no more goopy impressions, no creating temporary pieces, and no wasting of materials or time.

Dr. Chincheck will use a hand-held guide to deliver exact, precision placement of your new bridge or veneers with the minimal amount of prep or time in the chair.  

This new method then creates a more conservative alternative to dental implants.

Would you like to see exactly how dental veneers are applied using the FirstFit system?

Watch this video:

Cosmetic Dentistry Applications

the FirstFit system is fantastic for the application of veneers because it reduces the amount of healthy tooth that would be traditionally removed to apply the porcelain veneer fronts. Even better, no worry about wearing fragile temporary veneers while you wait for your beautiful porcelain ones. We love minimal-prep veneers!

What are you waiting for? Call our office to schedule an appointment and find out if a restorative or cosmetic procedure with FirstFit is right for you! No more goopy impressions, no more temporary pieces, and no more waiting!

"I love how natural my Veneers look! I have renewed confidence in my smile!" - Melody T.

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